Aqua graphic® Water Curtain

A technologic display which literally sculpts the water, the Aqua Graphic offers a water writing technique to impress your audience!

This Water feature was born in Aquatique Show’s workshop to find out a new way to communicate on water curtain.

Besides the possibility of projecting any type of content in high quality, the Aqua Graphic water curtain can create any visual, logo, word with the water itself by using the water writing technique…

In a combination of projection and water sculpture, The Aqua Graphic proposes a unique 3D textured water effect!

With the biggest Aqua Graphic rental equipment capacity, Aquatique Show can propose different shapes and largest possible dimensions according to your event. Circular modules from 2 meters to 5 meters diameter, linear water curtains, hexagons, squares; Aqua Graphic possibilities are amazing!

Aqua Graphic water curtain can be perfectly synchronized to integrate any live performances, and can also constitute a complete water show by itself.

FAQ Aqua graphic® Water Curtain

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