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Graphic water fall

Graphic water fall: water and light effects for entertainment and events

Aquatique Show International has earned its reputation for excellence in the world of international events and entertainment over the last 30 years and continues to enchant spectators with original and breathtaking water shows around the world. Its graphic water falls, water fountains, water curtains display the creativity and technical know-how of a highly talented team.

Aquatique Show International provides water features for major attractions, shows, national and international events as well as, creating beautiful, graphic waterfalls as part a building’s permanent décor. The French company is a leader in design and innovation in water effects, with a dynamic R&D section, attributed with patented technology.

Water display pieces such as the graphic water fall, Tornado fountain, water curtain, water screens are among some of the effects available from theatre stage to large open air shows. These can be combined, choreographed for a magical visual impact on any audience. Celebrate world events, create a special atmosphere for your show with the water feature under the management of your Aquatique Show team throughout the design and performance stages.

For any production, whether you need a complete water show with additional elements such as fireworks, laser and video projections or wish to incorporate any number of special water effects on stage, indoors or out, Aquatique Show International can create the movement, shape and sculpt water to desired effect.


Graphic water fall: the magical effect of water

Aquatique Show International invites you into its world of water falls, artificial mists, musical fountains and flower jets, breathtaking displays supported by an impressive use of equipment…however big or small your projects; Aquatique Show International is at your disposal for the conception, manufacture and production of your water display.

If you would like any further information about our graphic water fall effects, please contact us.