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Magic of water


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The magic of water for an unforgettable show

Magestic water shows created by Aquatique Show International demonstrate not only the magic of water but also a true technical mastery of this natural element, used increasingly for visual effects in the entertainment industry. The French designer and producer is a world leader in the field of water and light shows with creations that continue to amaze audiences all over the world.

Behind the magic of water shows, water effects whether on stage for major productions or outdoors for international festivities, a whole set of technologies and creative talent are at work to produce the astonishing displays. The Aquatique Show team of engineers, designers and producers conceive made-to-measure displays, manufacture necessary pieces and install all you need to integrate your water element, as an integral part of a performance or as a lone piece of water theater.

From water curtains with high level projection quality and transparency for creating stage depth to astonishing displays which combine the magic of water, laser, fireworks and other image and sound technologies, Aquatique Show International leads the industry in originality, artistic conception and technical innovation.


The magic of water: Aquatique Show travels to your location

Discover the Aquatique Show portfolio, the company has already decorated and animated events and major productions in over 52 countries around the world. The magic of water displays can be seen in world-renowned attractions, national and international commemorations, as well as adorn the exterior or interior of prestigious buildings. Aquatique Show International has a vast network of collaborators and resources to respond to your small or large scale projects. If you would like any further information about our water show creations, please contact us.