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Water projection

water screen aquatique show 2

For an imposing and unforgettable event, Aquatique Show has created the Aquavision ® system; a water curtain with an unequaled quality today. With water projection, your event comes to a new dimension! This new patented technology offers a surface of projection for pictures, film, video or laser of an extraordinary quality. To promote your company or to mark a particular event, in the frame of a fair or a show, the most important characteristic of the water projection system is that it is in harmony with all type of events, which will make them unforgettable.

Our Aquavision® water curtain exists in numerous dimensions (from 2 m up to more than 100 m) and can be used indoor or outdoor.

The Aqua Graphic® water curtain is a new technology enabling the writing and the creation of logos with water as well as any kind of projection.